Resources for Teaching Kids to Program in BASIC

This page is about helping kids or teens to learn to program using the BASIC programming language.

BASIC used to be the beginners programming language but it's fallen out of favor, frankly for good reasons.  The original BASIC language was missing many of the key concepts that modern programming has embraced, although more modern implementations have tried to rectify this. 

Overall I can't recommend picking BASIC to start your kids programming unless you've got some good reason.


    There aren't many books around for getting your kids going with BASIC.

    BASIC implementations suitable for Kids/Teens

    Not too many around, but Microsoft SmallBasic is specifically designed for getting kids going with programming; it's free but runs on Windows only.

    Created in 2008, it's a simple Basic environment for .NET, I tried it very briefly when it first came out and was a little disappointed, however it has been improved since then and they've put a lot of work into it. One good feature is that once the kids have outgrown SmallBasic they can take their project and upgrade it and then take it further with the full VisualBasic.NET environment (the Express edition is free too).