Resources for Teaching Kids to Program in JavaScript

This page is about helping kids or teens to learn to program using the JavaScript programming language.

JavaScript it not my favorite language, but it is a "proper" programming as used by many professionals; and a good choice for the older child to get started with programming.

The big advantage of JavaScript is that it's the language of the web.  Every web browser runs JavaScript so it can be run on any system.  Plus it's a rather forgiving language, not as strict as many about making sure you follow all the rules.



    JavaScript Programming Courses for Kids/Teens

     Course Link Notes 
    Hour of Code Huge number of resources about learning to code, for all ages.
    codecademy My son has done the JavaScript track on Codecademy and enjoyed it.
    Khan Academy Academy has a course linked to which takes a beginner through coding from the start.
    Code Monster forward introduction to JavaScript coding, looks pretty basic but worth a look.