Resources for Teaching Kids to Program in Python

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This page is about helping kids or teens to learn to program using the Python programming language.

Python is a more sophisticated language than Scratch, a "proper" programming as used by many professionals; but still a good choice for the older child to get started with programming.

You can use Python on pretty much any system: Windows, Mac, Linux as well as on a Raspberry Pi or with Minecraft which can be a good way to get kids into programming.



Python Programming Courses for Kids/Teens

 Course Link Notes 
Tech Rocket An online learning environment from IDTech (who do programming camps), has a free option for some courses, otherwise it's a monthly subscription.
Penjee Interesting step-by-step online teaching system for Python.
Udemy Comprehensive set of lectures and tests, it says 109 lectures and 7 hours of content; it's another for-pay system and costs around $20.
 codecademy My son has done the JavaScript track on Codecademy and enjoyed it, I see they have a Python course now too.

Other Resources

Python Language

The definitive resource for Python, but not targeted for kids.


PyGame is a library for programming games in Python, again not specifically for kids but kids love games!